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Bill Angelini



Simply put. Jay Perez is one of the most influencing people of our genre. Jay is to Tejano Music what Garth Brooks is to Country Music, a trendsetter. Jay is to Tejano Music what Luther Vandross is to R&B, a true vocalist. With these traits so deeply embedded in his performing attitude. Jay has set his sights on catering to an even wider audience. By a more extensive touring schedule throughout the country. Jay is dedicated to bringing Tejano Music to a wider variety of listener. Now more than ever, Tejano Music is in greater demand throughout this country as well as parts of Mexico.

Unlike other artists in this market, many are commonly referred to as “Latin Music”. Jay with his unique, yet versatile and stylish sound, has the ability to capture any audience. Proof, in fact that is album entitled “Steel Rain” catered to the country genre. The single, also titled “Steel Rain”, sent him on a whirlwind tour of all the major country markets and even rode his song to the top of the country charts. Jay also appeared on the “Crook and Chase Show” in 1993. Since then, his R&B covers of songs such as “Let’s Stay Together”, “Me and Mrs. Jones” and “Let’s Get It On” have been eagerly accepted and anticipated by his loyal followers of the R&B scene.

In order for someone to fully understand the passion that Tejano fans and music lovers around the country have for Jay Perez, you must understand, the stature of this form of music. When someone asks, “What song most exemplifies Tejano and what this song means to the fans?” Most would answer, “Don Luis El Tejano”, a song in which he was the lead vocalist and catalyst for the return of the Super Group, “Latin Breed.” The album that this song appeared on won “Album of the Year” at the Tejano Music Awards in 1990. Moreover, it single-handedly changed Tejano music forever. This award-winning album titled “Breaking the Rules” fulfilled this self-proclaimed prophecy of doing just that. The vocal performances in these songs are still the precedent for many up coming artists.

After elevating the standard of excellence to a higher level, the only way for Jay to top this was to depart from “The Latin Breed” and move on to one of the most popular bands of the all-time, “David Lee Garza y Los Musicales.” This mchain of events set the stage for not one, but two albums that dramatically opened up the club scene for Tejano Music outside the state of Texas. Latin dance clubs throughout the country were longing for music that was fast-paced and more danceable than the standard of that time. These albums forever changed me pace of what is known as the traditional Ranchera. With tremendous success while performing with “David Lee Garza y Los Musicales,” Jay felt it was the right time to venture out and begin his own personal quest of starting his own band. With great anticipation the Tejano market embraced this move. With the release of his debut album “Te Llevo en Mi,” Jay took the Tejano music scene by storm. Prior to the release for the general public, the album achieved “Gold” status for shipping 50,000 units. His sophomore release “Steel Rain,” also reached “Gold” status. To this date. Jay has recorded and released nine award winning albums. While receiving numerous awards, including “Male Vocalist of the Year 2000/2001”, “Male Entertainer of the Year 2001”, and “Song of the Year 2001” Jay has continued to strive for excellence from himself for his many fans. With his unique and identifiable voice. Jay has entertained thousands of fans throughout the country including the Midwest, parts of Florida while working his way through Colorado and it into California.

Through this. Jay Perez has been able to take his success in the Tejano industry and the love of his fans and turn it into a music equipment sponsor’s dream. With equipment endorsement deals on the horizon. Jay chose wisely and partnered with Bud Light. Jay has also been sponsored by the Bud Light “In
Concert” Program which includes endorsements from Yamaha Drums, GHS String and Zildjian Cymbals. His affiliation with these music equipment companies have turned into percentage increases of sales in the market place for their products and services.

For out-of-state promoters and corporations looking to tap the Hispanic Market in and around their regions of the country, using Jay Perez, makes sense. It has been a proven fact. Jay Perez delivers! The facts all come back to one point which is undeniable. Jay Perez, “The Voice”, “Lao De La On da” is a marketable and profitable spokesperson to have promoting your product.

In conclusion, I hope this will help answer some of the more pressing
questions about Tejano Music and Jay Perez.