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MICHAEL SALGADO knows how to thoroughly enjoy his success because it was not an easy task to become the most outstanding singer/songwriter in the Tejano music genre.

In the last decade alone, MICHAEL SALGADO became the most prominent role model for young people, selling over 2 MILLION UNITS with his seven albums.”SANSRE DE REY” marks MICHAEL SALGADO’s entry to the most important stage yet in his international career alongside SONY DISCOS, “SANGRE DE REY” features twelve tracks that project MICHAEL SALGADO’s musical power, attesting to his position as the biggest star in the Mexican music scene.

Listening carefully to the verses in the Eduardo Garcia-penned “SANGRE DE REY,” the first promotional single for MICHAEL SALGADO’s new album, one realizes that this track has all the elements to become a mega-hit…”I was defeated by neither sorrow nor failure, I fought tooth and nail to get the best, it would be my destiny, my struggle, and my law that became above all, my king’s blood,” sings MICHAEL SALGADO in a track that emphasizes his extraordinary abilities; the vocals of an idol and the absolute dominion over his inseparable accordion.

“El Tenampa,” “Promesas Falsas,” “Agárrame Compadre,” and “Quiero Ver” are other tracks that make up MICHAEL SALGADO’s new album, and each one of these songs exudes the musical versatility that made him the favorite artist in Texas.

The core of “SANGRE DE REY’ is comprised of cumbias, corridos and his unrivaled ballads.

Hailing from Barrancas, Chihuahua, Mexico, MICHAEL SALGADO has received four “TEJANO MUSIC AWARDS,” among them Best Song of the Year in 2001 for his mega-hit “Yano Voy a Aguantar,” and the Billboard Latin Music Award in 1998 in Best Regional Mexican Album category. With seven albums under his belt, MICHAEL SALGADO has sold over 2 MILLION UNITS.

MICHAEL SALGADO began his singing career at age seven by performing as a guest singer for “conjunto Alegia,” a band led by his own father.

Even back then, he was an original, outstanding and promising young star, dazzling not only the family members and friends that attended his home and school performances, but also the savvy impresarios that followed him everywhere, who were willing to guarantee that his talent would be enjoyed by the public.

His extraordinary skills at playing the accordion with his left hand and backwards, granted him his well-deserved nickname, “THE GOLDEN LEFT-HANDED.” This uncommon ability, which became manifest during his live performances, gained him thousands of fans from the very beginning.

MICHAEL SALGADO initiates yet another stage in his singing career with the unconditional support of SONY DISCOS, a label that gives its best to help artists achieve international success.


Michael Salgado
Lead singer-Accordion

Ernie Salgado
Back up Vocals-BajoSexto

Jose Angel Tanguma

Jesse Rodriguez

Ramon Torres