Grupo Vida

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Bill Angelini


Grupo Vida

Few artists in all of Latin music can match Grupo Vida’s energy. This band rolls out on stage like a thunderstorm, grabs a crowd by the ears and cranks everyone’s intensity ten notches. To hundreds of thousands who have felt them rock the house, Vida is the most entertaining Latin showband to ever dominate the stage.

Grupo Vida performed across the country as a part of the totally sold out “Fly” tour with the Dixie Chicks while the band’s television campaign for the Miller Brewing Co. was being viewed by millions.

The band’s early career created Platinum selling successes such as “Kik It”. Now with three trend setting CDs on the aggressive Tejas Records label, the band is flying straight and sure towards their goals for the red hot Vida sound. The band’s Tejas catalog includes the self titled “Vida”, “Sin Control” and “Sangre Para Ti”. What many expect to be the band’s most definitive CD, “Electric Cowboys”, is set for release on Oct. 1, 2002.

Band members are Art Tigerina, lead vocalist, Manny Gonzales, bass guitar, Jason Martinez, electric guitar, Johnny Rhodes, keyboards, Tim Villanueva, drums and Sunny Sauceda, accordion.

Sunny Sauceda is widely considered to be one of the best accordion players in the world. He has received “Best Accordionist” recognition from every regional organization offering the category and Vida has received numerous honors including “Showband of the Year”.

The public spoke of Vida’s enormous sales potential by nominating them along side the Kumiba Kings as “Most Promising Band” at the twentieth TTMA Awards.

Now after touring the country to rave reviews, fans and the media have become hooked on the pure excitement that is the pride of Texas entertainment; Grupo Vida.