Los Desperadoz

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Bill Angelini


Los Desperadoz

The Grammy nominated four piece Conjunto group, Los Desperadoz comes from one of the most humble yet most respected musical families in the Southwest. Three generations of Villarreal brothers have each added their unique contribution to the texture of Conjunto music. Now Mike, Lee and P.J. Villarreal of Los Desperadoz represent the culmination of their proud family heritage to hundreds of thousands of fans throughout the world. Through many successful CDs on Capital/EMI and now with their exciting “Solo Dios Sabe” and “Desde El Corazon” records on the Tejas Records label, this band is building on a foundation of success with their minds set on reaching the top. Their recent 2002 Latin Grammy nomination for “Best Tejano CD” is one of many indicators of exactly where this group is headed.

Grammies happen once a year but Los Desperadoz’ magic is evident each night they take the stage. >From large halls to music festivals, Los Desperadoz’ unique style pulls soul from the past and energy from the night around them. Mike and Lee attack the accordion and bajo with incredible intensity on top of a driving, rock solid rhythmic foundation laid down by drummer P.J. and bassist Jess Garcia. Few bands in any style are as dynamic and powerful as Los Desperadoz.

This is a premiere band with marketability to young and old, male and female audiences. All the elements are there in the right proportions, from charisma to physical appearance to the highest level of professionalism. Tejas Records is behind the band completely, working a long range, carefully planned campaign to intensify International exposure.

Historians of music know the Villarreal’s Grandfather, Librado Villarreal, as one of the originators of Conjunto music and part of the first of three generations of “Hermanos Villarreal” bands. He gathered influences of Mexican music and played the new style to President Eisenhower on one of his visits to Texas at a time when emerging Mexican/American music needed recognition. The Villarreal family were true musical pioneers in 1930’s and 1940’s and were later the first musicians in the world to play Conjunto music on television.

The Los Desperadoz musical history adds a fascinating depth and character. Their command of so many musical styles and influences have earned them the respect of both young and old audiences on both sides of the border.

Being experienced competitors in major team roping competitions, Mike and Lee offer a rare level of authenticity as real singing cowboys.

Join in on all the excitement as the band that the industry agrees is extrememly deserving begins a new chapter in their careers, one which Tejas Records feels will see them reach the top level of success.