La Calma

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Bill Angelini


La Calma

Formed in San Antonio, Texas in December of 2007, by a combination of young and talented musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds, “LA CALMA” was born. Although the group is fairly new to fans, the six members have individually recorded and toured with artists such as Bobby Pulido, Michael Salgado, Emilio Navaira, Masizzo, Elida Reyna, Eddie Gonzalez and many more.

Their musical journey started when Leo Correa Jr. wanted to pursue his dream of forming a group so he turned to his good friend and Grammy Nominated producer Edwardo “Lil Eddie” Perez. Eager to get into the studio they called upon songwriter and percussionist Angel “Buddy” Vargas and drummer Michael Machado to join in their collaboration. Having what they needed to hit the studio, the group began to record their first demo. Miguel Arizpe (bajo sexto) and Orlando “Mack” Segovia (animador) became the final elements needed to form La Calma.

In May 2008, La Calma completed their first demo and within less than a year, they signed with Freddie Records whose recording artists are recognized as Top Latin Grammy Award winners.

La Calma has been working on their debut album entitled, “Ya Llego”, which contains attractive melodies and lyrics that people can relate to. The expected released date is July 7, 2009. La Calma’s first single “Mi Necesidad”, has gotten quality-music lover’s attention around the United States and Mexico. Their debut tour will start this summer in which they will be accompanied by their friends Los Palominos and various artists. La Calma is excited to share their musical talents and connect with their fans.